We Did It!!!

O M G! We did it! We published our first of a series of children’s booooks!


After years of dreaming and scheming and nail biting and wondering and waiting, we did it! We published our first children’s book. We can’t wait to tell you all about it but first... Let us tell you our story!


We did it! And we can’t wait till you read it.

We are DragonBunny. We have loved, nurtured, educated, entertained and wiped the boogers of literally thousands of children noses. We are a blissfully happily married couple who fell in love under the most chaotic circumstances yet managed to turn our life into an exquisite and serene journey. We met as colleagues working together in a small Montessori pre school. Right away, we shared a love of creativity, humour, music, art and a passion for early childhood education. But back then, our paths were very distinct. One of us (Bunny - that’s me) was in a long term marriage to a man that included a business, a garage band, a house, two cats and two dogs. The other (Dragon) was a student, living with her parents, working on her second degree, with a strong commitment to play goalie on a couple of REC league hockey teams and was knee deep in student debt. Seven years later, all married and recovered with new career paths under our belt, we decided to make a life long dream come true. After a few failed attempts at entrepreneurship, we gained bigger hopes and greater wisdom along the way. Gifted with empathy, talent and a deepened understanding for education, with a dash of always wanting to make the world a better place, we created our first book!

Thanks for being on this exciting journey with us!