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Kids Space Yoga has been pioneering kids yoga by offering the highest quality yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellness classes to children in Montreal since 2007.

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About: Lee-Ann Matthews is the founder of Kids Space Yoga and has been practicing and teaching yoga to children for 15 +years. She has received yoga teacher training credentials from

  • Radiant Child Yoga (2007)

  • Yoga Kids (2011)

  • Om Schooled (2013) to name a few.

Having taught hundreds of classes to children and families (in schools, daycares, churches and privately) combined with 20+ years of classroom experience, Lee-Ann is attentive to the diverse needs of her students and provides a highly sought after yoga curriculum.

A wide array of music, games, instruments, puppets, props and stories are used regularly to teach the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to children.

In 2016, Lee-Ann was invited to CLAY (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth) to teach the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to 75+ teenagers in Charlottetown, P.E.I

She currently teaches at Lower Canada College and Orchard House and is available for private events and bookings