Today we answer YOUR questions! It’s DragonBunny Books Q and A day….

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Many people have been asking us questions and we have been listening. So, here we go!

Q. Why are we hosting a Pop up Shop AND a Book Launch / Reading back to back?

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WELLLLL……we decided to host the book launch on Saturday Nov. 3rd at Youth Innovation downtown from 10 am-noon because the space is beautiful and has a great community vibe with a gorgeous library. We knew right away that this venue would be perfect! Our objective for the launch is to host an event for both parents and kids that is conducive to our first live reading of our book, while we offer a few activities for the kids, some snacks and can get access to our exclusive The Butterfly Trap line of merch. When we started talking to people and inviting them to the event, we began thinking about the configuration of the space… (did we mention that it’s a beautiful space and has a great community vibe, natural light, exposed brick walls ...the works! Yes, I know we did but it’s important.)

But here’s the thing … the space for our launch is beautiful but it’s not HUGE!

It accommodates around 100 people comfortably and we really wish to focus on reading and animating the story at the launch, perform some live music and encourage movement and dancing too! Because of course, you all know how much we love to whip out our skills and demo our innate love of delighting, animating and entertaining little humans.

Soooo…… Because we wanted to accommodate you and offer you a more intimate opportunity to  SHOP, we decided to open our POP UP SHOP (Friday, Nov 2nd). A one day only event is dedicated exclusively to selling and signing our book and displaying our exclusive merch all for the very first time!! We selected another location (Mtl West), that is very spacious and accessible

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Please note that we want you to attend both events as they will each offer something different, (from setting to vibe, space and content) However, We will NOT be reading or animating at the POP UP Shop. This will be more like a meet ‘n greet! If you wish to hear the story being read and / or have kids who would then the Launch on Saturday morning is the best option.


Q. How are you guys feeling? Are you excited now that you are published authors?

No. We are actually pretty anxious right now. I know that I am personally having a pretty major anxiety flare up tonight and am pretty sure it’s cause of the stress of the book. We still haven’t even held a copy of our book. We have been through rounds of edits and approval and admired oodles of digital files but have we made face to face contact? No… All we are doing is spending more money and time and energy on something that is only theoretical at this point. Is that scary? Yes. Are we feeling insecure? Are doubts creeping in? Absolutely yes. Right now the whole things is kinda surreal. We are in a bit of shock and the learning curve has been steep….

Every spare moment we have we are knee deep in marketing, branding, edits, merchandising, strategizing and planning our next book! Soooo…. Are we excited? Yes! For us to actually get to the other side of this project that was conceived 9 months ago! Isn’t that ironic?

I feel labour pains coming on….