Blog #27 Live and Learn - Lessons from Newly Published Authors

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Soooo…. you’re still with us!

Yay! That’s great news! Thanks for that! In fact, this is our 27th blog which means our website and blog are already 27 weeks old!

At this juncture, we wanted to touch base and share some of our learnings just one month into the official release of The Butterfly Trap! We are still learning and leaning into the newness of it all!

Here are a few things we know

  1. Energy, drive and consistency are essential. Every time we think we have climbed a mountain and can coast a little, we realize that there is yet a taller mountain still waiting to be climbed.

  2. This process cost twice as much money as we had budgeted for. We agreed to spend a set amount in the initial stages of publishing and we have easily doubled this projection.

  3. Our friends, family and community have been SOOOO supportive! We have read our book to hundreds of kids and families already and our book is getting rave reviews! But breaking out and getting our book into stores, into the media and the wider community has yet to happen.

    The learning curve has been steep and we will continue to navigate this new territory and share our findings with you as we go!

Thank you for your support, presence and encouragement. We never take any of this for granted and we look forward to bringing you more blogs, videos and content that add value to you and your children’s lives!

Hey! Did you check out the Saturday morning Book Club last week? It’s linked here in case you couldn’t make it! We read our book and sang our song and had the absolute best time! FYI, we are planning on making this a regular thing so stay tuned and let us know what you think! Comments can be left below!

Plus, be sure to read alllll the blogs! There are 26 other after all!!

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