Our favourite thing...

Heyyy Guys! Blogging today about one of our favourite things….

We are having a baby girl!.png


So many people have commented about “us”. They tell us we are so cute together and that they enjoy watching our Live videos, our sing alongs and all of our quirky antics!

We have been told that we should have our own kids show and that we should be the new Sharon, Lois and Bram!


This is so sweet and we really appreciate these comments. We’re so glad that our closeness translates to good chemistry but let me tell you how it feels….

when we are in front of an audience and we open our book and read our names on the cover  





We LOVE to be engaged with kids and families in this way! This is when we feel that we can really shine and share our gifts! This is a mutual passion for us and we make each other better through our collaboration.

The Butterfly Trap is a true collaboration and a reflection of our beautiful life together.


We have this amazing relationship where we actually say kind things to each other, we lift each other up, we listen and encourage, we help and support and we laugh! Lord knows we laugh!

And we do this for each other …




And we have never been happier!

Our book has been a labour of pure love. We have poured ourselves into this project completely! We combined our favourite things, storytelling, art and music! When we read it and we look at the little faces staring back at us with a spark of curiosity in their eyes, there is nothing better! We can’t wait to read it to you!