Back to School Give away!


Hello Peeps! We have an exciting give away but first we are asking for a few minutes of your time because we want to know how you feel …

It’s back to school season and with that Kuki is busy preparing her classroom and reflecting on fresh starts. In case you weren’t already aware, one of the best things about Kuki aka Dragon aka Ms K or Ms Kuki is that she has a huge heart and an abundance of patience! (Thank God, because she is married to me!) But in all seriousness, she truly is a one-of-a-kind teacher and she devotes so much of herself to her work. I know because I have dinner with her every night and I can see the love and care in her eyes when she talks about her students.

Anyway, the point is, this week, she commissioned DragonBunnyBooks to create a series of posters for her classroom that will help to shape a culture and atmosphere of empathy. Which of course reflects who Kuki is as an educator, wife and person.


She commissioned the posters because one of her educational priorities is to make children feel safe and loved. She wants them to know the same security and boundaries that she received from her late grandmother (Noni). We recently watched the documentary devoted to Fred Rogers called “Won’t you Be my Neighbour?” which left us both sobbing to realize the impact that his life had on so many. I can personally testify to being moved by his kindness and recognition. When Mr. Rogers looked at the camera, right into my own eyes, and said he liked me exactly as I was, I felt a warmth and acceptance that was unique and that I didn’t even know that I was starving for. Fred Rogers devoted his life to the social-emotional well being of young children and is a role model to us! We don’t take our job as children’s authors lightly. We know that DragonBunny Books will be reaching into the hearts of children and our hope is to heal, inspire and encourage the next generation to strive for a kinder, better more sustainable world. No pressure…  

So, we made a series of posters to encourage and inspire these virtues

  • kindness

  • generosity

  • gratitude

  • self worth

Now, what we really  want to know is how you feel? Calling on the parents, educators and anyone with an opinion….

How do we best teach empathy?

What are your strategies?

Do you think that empathetic action should be a part of the core curriculum in schools?

Or should this subject be reserved for a family setting?

Can books change lives?

If Fred Rogers could do it why can’t we?

Answer any of these questions in the comments under this blog pinned to top of our FB Page or Instagram to be eligible to win a DragonBunny Books print! OR, if you don't have FB ands still wish to participate, comment here below this blog!

The more comments you make, the more chances you have to win! 

Good Luck!!

Contest Rules

1. You must comment on one of the questions from the blog to be entered to win

2. Bonus points if you share our page or our post to your page

3. Bonus points for wit and humour

4. Deadline is Wednesday, August 29th. We will announce the winner Live!