Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

I suppose it’s a part of human nature to see something and judge it very quickly. We form opinions, opt in or out of opportunities, people and places in the blink of an eye.


Our culture is obsessed with appearances. It’s commonly understood that we go to great lengths to put our best foot forward. We spend thousands of dollars on clothes, beauty products, accessories, hair styling, cosmetic procedures etc.  We are preoccupied with posting pictures of ourselves, preened and filtered to perfection, on social media platforms.

In fact, if someone doesn’t measure up, we might dismiss them entirely, assuming they are not credible or worth investing any time and energy in. Sadly, we might even ignore them altogether.

So, if  this is the world we live in, you can understand why It’s so scary for us to reveal our first potential book cover / title to you….

So before we share it, we will simply ask that you

Please don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Unless of course, you like our title and book cover in which case, we hope you will judge it accordingly and be deeply convicted that this is the best children’s book ever written! You will then automatically rush to buy it and tell everyone you know. Soon after, Disney will approach us to sign a movie deal! Right?

This is what we hope but the truth is, it’s scary and vulnerable to be in this position. There are so many other books, artists, stories and concepts that are way better than ours. On Instagram alone, I am floored by the raw talent and dedication of so many of the artists who produce children’s books that literally knock my socks off every day. Too often I am left wondering if our book even measures up….

We are revealing the title here today and are nonetheless hopeful that you will stick around even if you don’t like the title and potential cover because there is more to it than meets the eye…

Every page tells a story and our story has a message because our books do that. Tell stories with a message.

Our slogan is ...“Big Questions for Little Humans” after all

Any worthwhile endeavour requires more than a glance and can evolve over time so, take a glance and give it some time. We are planning on sticking around for a while and we wish to grow with you all on this awesome publishing journey.


So, here it is what do you think….. Do you want to know more? Leave us a comment... 


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It's True!

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