Blog #39 Connecting through music even when it seems there is no other way ….

Singing, rhyming and connecting through music even when it seems there is no other way ….

I will never forget the summer of 2011. Dragon and I were working at a Montessori preschool that offered a summer camp program. This is how we met. I thought she was pretty cool, arty and sporty. I admired her for all these reasons as well as for her ability to animate and lead camp activities. But the real magic happened for me the day she brought her guitar to camp and started to play and sing one sunny morning in the garden.

This was the beginning of our story. We started to sing together and as if this wasn’t great enough, we soon began entertaining our little campers with fun sing-a-longs. Seeing the delight on their little faces and watching them come to life made it even more precious.  

This is how we fell in love. Before I even knew it was love. We were hanging out in our free time singing, harmonizing and laughing all summer. We started sinking deeper into this new realm and expressed our unspoken connection through music.


Music is a language that allowed us to experience nuanced and deep emotions. We were able to express ourselves and connect in ways that are unique to this medium without even having to talk. This was particularly helpful for us at a time when these feelings were so scary and unwelcome for a host of complicated reasons.

You could say that making music is how we found each other and now as we are on this book publishing journey, we are at it again!

We all know that the benefits of music are endless but we can tell you that from an educators perspective, it can be a life saver to provide focus, direction and calm a classroom like no other tool.

Our book The Butterfly Trap, is brought to life when we read it and sing the song to accompany it!  The truth is, we have received an outrageous amount of positive feedback from this. But the plot thickens, we are writing new songs and having the best time performing them. We have been on the radio to sing our Snow Day Celebration Anthem which we created on a whim when the snow day news busted out on the radio the night before. We love the spontaneity, joy and silliness that we can freely unleash when we sing. And this of course is inspired directly by childhood itself.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.59.39 AM.PNG

We have so many big plans to sing and entertain following in the footsteps of our idols formerly Sharon Lois and Bram, now Sharon and Bram. Hey! By the way, they are doing a farewell tour in June! Who’s in???

We have big plans guys… Keep an eye out for a summer music in the park event, an album and a tour. You may already know that we have only scratched the surface of our creative potential and we are so blessed that you are on this journey with us.

Look out world,

because Dragon & Bunny are coming at you!   

Our first single is ready to download!!!!! Many of you have asked for the MP3 because your kids sing it all the time. Big HUGE thank you to Mr. G Studios for helping us realize this dream.