Blog #58 It's Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary.... (our letters to each other)

A pic from our wedding day Aug. 16 2014

A pic from our wedding day Aug. 16 2014


Five years ago we got married…. (there is the evidence lol)

We had a big pot luck party with our friends and family. 

There was a D.J and dancing and lots of food! So much food! But we hardly ate a bite! 

We were blessed and prayed over by some of our clergy friends. We were lifted up and supported by those who love us most.

It meant a lot to us to stand in front of our community and formally declare our commitment. 

What a day! 

Fast forward five years and we continue to stand together not just in a symbolically married way but in all the ways. We share a life together, support each other, laugh together, eat together, cherish our beautiful, kind, magical, passionate union. Every day we love one another more deeply.

So there is much to celebrate on this five year anniversary. Here is a note I wrote for Dragon on our anniversary (we don’t give each other gifts)

Dear Dragon,

Honestly, thank you for your laughter, your trust, for the ways you care for our family, for your strength, your joy, for our connection, your integrity and honesty and your endless kindness through it all.



Dear Bunny,

I am so thankful to call you my wife. You make me smile every day and laugh until I can’t breathe anymore. Your incredible sense of adventure and play is infectious, not to mention that you are so smart and sensitive. You’ve got it all babe! Happy anniversary my dear bunny.

Love your Dragon

5 Years later… more in love than ever!

5 Years later… more in love than ever!