Why you should go apple picking - and why it matters - especially for the kids!

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Sometimes we have wondered what it is with the apple picking sensation? Actually, to be honest, it is I, Bunny who has wondered. It is, in fact, one of Dragon’s absolutely favourite things to do!

I will confess that I have asked myself, why do we all go every year in throngs? Why do hoards of children ride in a school bus to make their way to apple orchards despite the cliché and redundancy? Where is the value in this activity? (I am cringing right now by the way…)

We are here to share our opinion! I have certainly upgraded mine.


Our book The Butterfly Trap won a green books / Environmental honorable mention because it encourages self reflection and awareness of nature. This topic, as you may imagine, is dear to our hearts.

Because here’s the thing…

We are in desperate need for connection to the earth, to her bounty and to nature! She is our connection to our source and to our very essence! 

It is obvious that we devote far more time to technology than trees, so for the love of all things good and true, this is precisely why we need to get out and pick an apple, get muddy, observe the changes of the season, notice bugs, flowers and birds. These are some of the best and most magical part of who we are.

Kids are getting further away from knowing the natural world than ever before. It is our duty to at least let them fill a bag with apples that they actually picked, as a vital reminder of the beauty and importance of creation, and as the very source of food and our sustenance and survival.

This is why apple picking matters!

Let us know if you agree….

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