Final Blog.... Before the launch

…Final Blog before the launch…



This is it people! We will be hosting two events to mark this monumental occasion. Find everything you need to know about what we’re doing and why you need to be a part of it!

Tomorrow, November 2nd, we will finally be together for the first time, mingling, chatting and hanging out at the Pop Up Shop at the St. Philips Church hall (7505 Sherbrooke W) 5 - 7 pm

What to expect at the Pop Up?

UP SHOP (1) copy 2.jpg
  • Celebrate the release of The Butterfly Trap

  • Book Sale

  • Book Signing

  • Light refreshments

  • Our collection of merch will be available on a first come first served basis

  • Hang out and chat with friends

The following morning we will be back at it!

On Saturday, November 3rd, from 10 am - noon we will be at Youth Innovation (1647 Ste. Catherine W.)

What to expect at the Launch

Book Launch.png
  • Celebrate the first ever public LIVE reading of The Butterfly Trap

  • Story time! We will read our book

  • Music! We will sing our song!

  • Face Paint! Christina-Marie will be on the scene painting the best faces in Mtl!

  • Refreshments

  • Giant Butterfly Coloring Pages

  • Book and Merch Sale

  • Book Signing

  • Author Q&A

  • Light refreshments

OMG!! This is actually happening!

We have said it before but it is actually happening….


Our living room has been turned into a virtual Santa’s workshop. It actually does feel like Christmas for us! Soooo many packages waiting to go to their new homes. This fills us with promise that our story will…

…delight children and families and teachers

…inspire creativity and imagination

…awaken a deeper love of nature

…reflect on freedom and what it means to really love something

We wonder how The Butterfly Trap will impact you?

We can’t wait for you to let us know!

Love Always, Dragon and Bunny