The Best is Yet To Come!

As we are counting down the final days of 2018..... we find ourselves a little nostalgic.


As you know, it was a big deal for us to launch The Butterfly Trap this year. We really put ourselves out there. We not only published for the first time but we also established a new website, blog and committed to building the DragonBunny Books brand. Even now as I write this, I get butterflies in my stomach - no pun intended.

You see, we have set our sights on big things. We believe that the best is yet to come. In 2019, not only will we publish again but we will continue to grow our audience and readership and watch The Butterfly Trap sensation expand to reach even more children, families and classrooms. We are developing supplemental materials to enhance your engagement with our book. Keep an eye out for music, lesson plans, work sheets and more!

We are excited to continue to deliver meaningful content for you and your family but we are also asking for your help as move into the New year...

What can you do?

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  • You can tell a friend, share our book, use good old fashioned word of mouth to spread the news!

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Honestly, we are in this together and are so grateful to have a community as loyal, generous, kind and supportive as you are. We wish each of you all of the success, creativity, health, wealth, love and expansion that you desire and deserve!

Thank you 2018 and Welcome 2019!

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