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Alright, here we go, first blog of 2019 and it’s Dragon up at bat.

Many of us have tried and failed at New Year’s resolutions and that is why I’m not jumping on that bandwagon. Instead I found myself inspired by a few Instagram peers such as @juliarothman, and @halpey1

More / Less

Julia Rothman ( @juliarothman ) posted this image of More / Less for 2019 and I instantly connected to its simplicity.

More / Less.

We can all use a little of that.


…so here is mine

read it…you will be tested on it below

The “More” list is easy to read through. All those things make sense and of course you want more of them. As I reread them I find my head nodding along. But the “Less” list is, ha, less obvious, sneaky even. Although I try not to let it get to me, or even to let it show to anyone; I do have negative voices creep into my head and say that my art isn’t good enough or that my lesson that I have planned, will flop.

Most days I can just let it roll of my back, but sometimes, I can’t. I rip pages out of my sketchbook, get upset and think, I can’t even do this. Sometimes it even gets to me when playing goalie. If an “easy” goal goes in it really can get on my nerves and I tear myself apart on the inside.

But the thing is…


So why do I let myself?

Answer… we all mess up. I messed up, will probably mess up in the future and I must learn to forgive and accept it. There is no such thing as perfect, as one of my current kindergarten students taught me this year.

It’s not practice makes perfect, it’s practice makes progress
— kindergarten student, age 6

This year is about being real and present both in person and on social media. That is where the next Instagram peer comes in. Matt Halpern ( @halpey1 ) teaches kindergarten and shown me, and the rest of Instagram, that he is HUMAN. He dances, he laughs and yes, drinks a lot of coffee. I am inspired by his lessons, his creativity and his tenacity to put himself out there and own it. Check out both @halpey1 and @juliarothman and throw them a few “likes” .

So there it is DragonBunny Family, we need to be real.

We need to connect

We need to read more books

We need to listen

We need to try

We need to be kind to others

We need to be kind to ourselves


I wonder what’s on your More/Less list for 2019?

-Kuki Juretic (Dragon)




When Lee-Ann (Bunny) asked/told me to write our first blog of 2019, and my first blog ever, I thought, when’s the deadline and how can I procrastinate…what can I clean. I tend to clean things when I am avoiding something. But this time I didn’t run away to clean anything; ok I took a nap instead, but I got the blog done. On time. Be kind to yourselves.


be kind

to yourselves

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