We want it All!

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So the dust has settled.

We have launched our first book, our first Christmas season as published authors and the frenzy of sales and the holidays are now behind us.

Now we can breathe again…. Ahhhhh….

But wait, we didn’t create The Butterfly Trap book so we could breathe!

  • We want to shake things up!

  • We want to make a difference!

  • We want to Provoke change!

  • We want to make kids and families take a second look!

  • We want people to question their beliefs!

  • We want to rattle cages!

  • We want to make people laugh!

  • We want to make people think!

  • We want people to love and care for nature!

Yes! We want it all!

So… that’s just what we’re up to!

We aren’t breathing more… although breathing is very important!

Instead, we are super excited about the new year and the new ways that we are going to get the word about The Butterfly Trap and DragonBunny books and all of our awesome dreams for 2019!

P.S Today we were contacted by a radio station for a potential segment on our book!

So thanks for reading this and believing in us. We are planning on making it worth your while!

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