We had no idea!

We had no idea!

You guys already know that publishing a kids book is a dream come true for us! 

We each have memories of reading books when we were little and being completely immersed in the illustrations: the mood, characters and details. We were captivated by the story and have such strong, vivid memories of them! Dragon would use the pages as a backdrop for her figurines and would use her imagination to become a part of the story. I would stare at the images for hours, scanning the pages for details that would tell me more and draw me deeper into the story.


But we have a whole new respect for the process and the art work now! 

Publishing our first book has also been an education. The process has at times been gruelling. We both have full time jobs and this has made juggling all of the stages of producing and publishing our book particularly challenging. We have been squeezing in our book work on weekends, adding late nights and as many art cram sessions as we could afford.

We had no idea!

But now we do and we are already planning our second book!!!!

Stay tuned guys… this is only the beginning!

*note that we use the word read for pre readers as well, since pre readers use images to tell stories before words.  

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