Work Versus Pleasure

Work Versus Pleasure - What is the Difference? Is there a difference?

Dragon and Bunny are on Vacayyyy!!!!!!


We are on a pristine lake in the mountains at a lovely cottage with a spectacular view, fully equipped to meet all of our needs including kayak and canoes etc. We have been enjoying reading novels in the hammock, leisurely afternoon naps, rounds of badminton, campfires and soooo much swimming that we are getting water logged!

We have seen a family of loons, numerous hummingbirds, an impressive bull frog and a slithery water snake. We are basically in DragonBunny heaven!

But through it all, we are in constant consideration of our books. Sketching out potential new characters, jotting down titles and story lines, finding inspiration in nature and paying close attention to our thoughts, because we never know when we might have the next great idea!


Does this mean that we are working while we are on vacation? Or does this mean that our work is so pleasurable, that it is like a vacation? 

The truth is, there is a tremendous amount of pleasure that we get from our process. From the very inception of an idea, to the final rounds of edits; each step has been incredibly rewarding, though at times painstaking, exciting and inspiring all at once. 

Then, when we look down the road and consider the potential impact of our books - it is exciting. We know first hand the power of storytelling and it’s influence on our readers lives. Books and stories actually have the potential to transform us and change the world, an overwhelming thought to say the least.

But, what could be more important, rewarding, affirming and pleasing than that!!!???

If our intention is to create a series of books that will change the world, we don’t really ever take vacations, because we are in a state of flow where the act of being of service itself: art, empathy and storytelling is replenishing and restorative - like a vacation. 

This trumps any Pina colada or Mojito by the beach any day! 

Don’t get us wrong though! It’s essential to change it up, enjoy a little nature, slow down and unwind - that’s why we are on vacation now! 

Observe where your inner pleasure compass keeps landing, and this might start guiding you towards your purpose. When your life’s deepest pleasure becomes your work, and your work becomes your deepest pleasure, then you potentially are on your path to finding your purpose.   

Let us know if there is difference between work and pleasure in your lives. How is it the same? How is it different? 


We will be sharing some crucial details about our first book in our blog and vlogs next week so STAY TUNED! You don't want to miss this!