3 Summer Tips to Prepare for School

We wanted to share some tips with you as we have just returned from a week on the lake. While we were away, we were reflecting on our readers. We could hear the joyful laughter of children peppered with an occasional outbursts of distress and/or frustration echoing across the water and this got us wondering about the needs and concerns of families during the "off season" from school.

We came up with a handy infographic that we believe will be a helpful tool for you! 


  • Print it out and put it on your fridge!

  • Share with a friend or family member!

  • Let us know what you think! 


1. Read together: Reading is a fun, bonding activity that promotes a life-long love of books, stories and deepens the imagination. Exposure to text is key in developing reading skills. Reading to your child is also beneficial as you are modelling the joy of this activity. Read aloud, read alone, read often!


2.  Create routines and encourage autonomy: such as setting the table, getting dressed and any other responsibilities as they arise. This is a great way to ease the transition to school and help children to appreciate the rhythm and structure that school offers. The important part of this equation is being consistent. Perhaps select one responsibility together and help your child to fulfill it, gradually allowing them full autonomy. These responsibilities are transferrable to life inside the classroom.


3.  Play Dates: Socialization is the cornerstone of learning. Children need to be given ample opportunities to thrive in this area. Playdates that are positive and encourage communication and problem solving will be beneficial to your child’s social emotional and academic success. 

Story time! copy.jpg