Introducing ......

our newest creation...

.....Her Name is Luki!!!!

Yes Friends! You guessed it, her name is derived from ours: Lee-Ann and Kuki together.

All About Luki ...

Likes: nature, animals, tutus, getting her way, the colour pink, singing, spaghetti with tomato sauce, summer, adventures, bare feet, playing in the rain, books and art

Dislikes: Rules, hearing the word no, when it's too cold to go outside

Personality: Curious, smart, kind, independent and persistent

Pet Peeves: When she wants to go outside but she hasn’t done her chores

Our story centres around this willful little child who is sure to steal your heart! She breaks the rules in the most endearing and creative ways! Full story coming soon!

We have created a FREE Colouring Sheet for you and your children to enjoy!!

Buy the swag bag including The Butterfly Trap and colouring book with stickers, bookmark and reusable purple canvas bag for the optimal Luki experience!