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Hellooooo Dear Friends of DragonBunny Books!  

Because it is PRIDE WEEK in our city, we wanted to express some feelings around what it’s like to be a married LGBTQ couple and how this affects our mission as children’s authors and illustrators.

You may have heard this said or perhaps even said yourself…

Ya, So you’re gay, what’s the big deal?” 

First of all it actually IS a big deal. It was a big deal when we each came out at different ages and stages of life and had to face the anger, confusion, rejection and fear that seems to be an inevitable part of every coming out story. It is a big deal on the daily, living in a heteronormative world where straight couples are heralded as the benchmark of relationship success. 

It is a big deal when we hardly see ourselves represented in music, film, literature and television. When we get the rare and occasional glimpse of an LGBTQ character it is like a cool drink on a hot summer day!  


Sometimes we simply long to hear the stories and listen to the music of people who are more like us. People who have faced similar struggles and triumphs, those who like to create, cry, laugh and connect just like we do. This is a big deal to us. 

Which is why we are committed to creating children’s books that reflect the spectrum of life, including sexual and gender orientation…

We know that life isn’t always easy and being on the LGBTQ spectrum layers on additional and unique challenges some of which may not seem very significant or substantial. But it is our hope that our books will provide children and parents with stories that offer insights into these circumstances helping some families to empathize while allowing others to relate and see themselves reflected on the pages. For example, even in our first book (which will be available this Fall!) we made sure to include a non gender conforming character. We can’t wait for you to see them! 

As promised, we will provide stories that engage with 


HAPPY PRIDE WEEK FRIENDS and Thank you for supporting us on this journey! We hope that you use this week as an opportunity to support social justice and human rights! Pride is more than a celebration - you can relate, educate, commiserate and empathize!