Blog # 42 Why do we blog? What's the point and who even reads it?

Why do we do this?


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This week somebody asked us why we blog? They asked, why do you do it and what is the point? Then followed up with, who even reads it?

The question was a little jarring because the truth is, creating blog content takes time and energy which given all that we do is already in short supply. So, ya, why do we even bother?

This got us thinking.

My initial reaction was, why do painters make paintings? Why do poets write poetry? Why do creatives create? Because that is what we do, that is what we have always done as a means of processing information, of building communities, understanding one another and ourselves. Ideally, these processes are not only therapeutic and helpful for the creator. Ideally, self expression creates large ripples and opens us up to one another.

I mean, isn’t connection the whole reason and purpose for life?


When I first fell in love with dragon, I was distraught because it meant forfeiting so many things that I thought were essential. I had a house, a business, and an established marriage that was holding it all together. I was speaking to a therapist at the time and was in distress about the ways in which I feared I had failed and she reminded me that connection is the whole purpose of life, that deep meaningful connection is why we are here. I can’t tell you how that helped me.

Connection trumps everything.

Dragon and I took took a huge risk by being together. It was scary and uncertain. But after 7+ years, we can safely say that cultivating this connection has enhanced how we connect to others. We have deeper and more meaningful relationships and stronger ties to our community since we have been together.

Our connection has created waves of connection that are life giving.

That is why we wrote The Butterfly Trap.  That is why we are working on our next book. That is why we believe in the process of art making and storytelling and that is why we write a blog.

Thanks for being here.