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3 Fun Facts about Dragon according to Bunny (uncensored)

OMG where do I begin? I just think about her and my heart goes pitter patter. She is truly the most incredible person! She is beautiful, funny smart and sweet. I literally can’t get enough of her but let me try and come up with 3 fun facts that might intrigue you.


NOTE: She hasn’t seen this so she will be as surprised as you!!!!!

  1. She is fierce and competitive. You may already know that she is an athlete and has been playing organized sports since she was a child. Yes, that’s right, Kuki was an avid soccer and ringuette player, even dabbled in basketball and rugby too. But I think it’s fair to say that she really found herself as a hockey goalie in her late teens. Many years later, she still plays ice hockey at least twice a week and is in the gym training most days she is not playing. She listens to goalie podcasts, has a goalie coach, reads goalie books and is a huge Habs fan (especially Carey). Goalies are unique. As they tend the net, their game is as much mental as it is physical. They endure a lot of pressure and responsibility. It is quite impressive actually. Hats off to goalies everywhere! Now, here comes the real talk. The flip side of being an athlete means having a lot of determination and passion which at times can translate to anger and rage! If you follow hockey, you are familiar with videos of goalies losing their Sh”*t! Well, I have heard and seen Kuki do the same thing. Swearing, smashing her stick and losing control on the ice. Her teammates have seen it too and have learned when to avoid her to let her cool off. I have to admit, that on the one hand I don’t like to see her upset and I empathize because I know she can be really hard on herself. On the other hand I am secretly amused by her. I love her passion and her drive. Most people are shocked to learn about this. So, here’s Fun fact number 1! Kuki is a beast on the ice!


2. She loves dogs / cats. I mean, she really loves them. Like in much the same way that I do. When people say they love animals I always nod and smile because it might mean they think animals are cute, they used to have a goldfish, they like to watch silly pet videos on Youtube or whatever. When I met Kuki I had two dogs and a cat and  they were my life. I love them in the life altering way that you might love a family member. I prepared all of their food from scratch, I would make sure their daily exercise needs were met at the expense of other hobbies and interests, and I even took a solo vacation with my dog Shawn to a week long dog camp in Southern Vermont exclusively for dogs and their parents. So, when she told me that she loved animals I thought… yes, that’s nice. But it was only when we started to get to know each other more and when we were falling in love that I watched her take on the role of pet parent and be as devoted, loving and kind to the fur fam as me, if not more! She is an incredible caregiver, a dog and cat whisperer, and she blows me away with her overall care concern for them and their needs (Swoon).

3. She is a wicked talented artist. She has two art degrees on top of her Education degree. She has done so much personal reflection and introspection through the process of art making. She is gifted and loves to draw and sculpt. She has a talent for rendering portraits and still life with skill and accuracy. She has also worked in performance, installation and textiles. Kuki loves a challenge and for her art mediums are tools for learning, processing and discovery. I am fascinated when she tells me stories about her creative art projects and her vision to use math, statistics and quirky social experiments to draw conclusions. The way her mind works is unbelievable. She is a natural problem solver and this is obvious even in the way she conceives of and makes her art. I know that sometimes she is frustrated and misses her fine art days. But she finds some solace in her role as a Kindergarten teacher where her classroom and students are her project that she is so passionate about. Oh! And of course, our combined effort: DragonBunny Books!


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Fun Facts about Bunny

written by Dragon

Ok so Bunny just told me that we are going to write a Top 3 Fun Facts about each other. She won’t even let me see her intro. I have no idea which direction this is going, at least it will be fun. Joy and fun are such crucial aspects of life. It’s important to relish those moments. I just listened to a great hockey goalie podcast “Goalie by Garmen” where he gives some great insight both on being a goalie and on life in general. He encourages us to remember our successes because it’s all too easy to remember the last goal that went in and not the other 15 saves you made before that.

Celebrate your successes! Now, let’s celebrate Lee-Ann Matthews, the Bunny herself.


Here are my Top 3 Fun Facts about Bunny by me, Kuki, the Dragon.

1.     Fun Fact #1 Gym Rat

Bunny is a beast in the gym! You would be amazed at this little 5-foot-2 woman. She loves to challenge herself and lifts as much as she can. She’ll ask me: “How many reps do you do?” If I answer 6, she will do 12. Bunny is constantly challenging herself to improve. If you saw her “pipes” you would say that she’s Kelly Ripa’s twin! Don’t mess with her!!!

Even though she doesn’t typically play organized sports, she is really competitive at badminton, like REALLY competitive. I like to think I’m the sporty one in the relationship, but SHE is the badminton champ. I can’t even believe it. It actually bugs me because I really want to win. I might have to get some private coaching to help me out over here.

2.     Fun Fact #2 Teacher Extraordinaire


Bunny taught for many years as a preschool teacher. I remember being so inspired by her drive to create activities and her ability to remember a million and one songs off the top of her head. It’s also one of the reasons why I love her so much. She is so passionate about teaching, animating and the well-being of little humans.

One of her dreams was to be a kindergarten teacher. She would have been the best kindergarten teacher this world has known. She has a natural gift to see the world through the eyes of young children and is able to create incredible learning opportunities with ease. I try every day to be a fraction of the teacher that Bunny is. She is such an inspiration to me.

3.     Fun Fact #3: Singing

Did you know that Bunny sings randomly at least 10 times a day? Sometimes it’s not even real words, just loud sounds in an opera voice! This is our normal, call it vocal warm-up or just plain silly, it happens all the time at home. Thank God our animals are old and can’t hear as well. Jeremiah the cat can still hear, but he is a scaredy cat; he runs away if you look at him. We could never have this much fun with our border collie Shawn around. He would start barking and yipping and literally make us stop. We called him the “No Fun Police”. Shawn passed away 5 years ago this summer and our singing has never been the same.

Not only does Lee love to sing, she has an amazing voice as well. She has an incredible ability to remember the lyrics to songs and can harmonize anything! I forgot to mention that her rhyming ability is phenomenal. She can pop out a song in minutes! All I have to do is find a chord pattern and BOOM! Song is written! Stay tuned for our next single!

That’s it for this week’s blog! We did it! We broke the writer’s block!

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