Blog #55 What’s the secret to our crazy, happy life???


What’s the secret to our crazy, happy life???


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 1.12.59 PM.png
  • Laughter

  • Trust

  • Connection 

  • Passion


We laugh every day…. And we sing all the time. Even if we are cranky we are usually able to interrupt it with some of our crazy antics. Dragon makes me laugh even when she isn’t trying to. I just find her so funny and smart! Oh wait…. Smart isn’t funny but she is smart and funny so….



We have built a life that is founded on trust. We had to break the trust of  some important relationships to be together and perhaps this is why we are so committed to the health and well being of our sense of safety and trust. I don’t know I just know that we prioritize and nurture our trust by being accountable to what we say and do… it’s such a blessing



We cuddle every night, we sing and make music and art together, we love and care for our fur and extended family, we share each others interests, we cook and eat together and we deeply value the spirit of connection of our partnership. We have a ridiculous amount of nicknames for each other. Here are a few of mine… Dragon, D, Bubs, Bubba, Love bum and so many more that are too weird to mention lol


We are passionate about so many things from sports to spirituality, fitness, music, yoga and art!

We fuel this passion in our relationship by encouraging and supporting each other.


I mean… I actually love watching Dragon play hockey on Sundays! And I never in my life would have imagined myself saying that!  I mean who actually enjoys sitting in a cold arena for three hours at a time????

MEEEEE!!!! (Bunny!)


Dragon + Bunny

P.S Watch our throw back date night video for a laugh and how about touques AND a hood (UGH Winter!) ….