It's Bunny's Birthday so here are 50 things about her...



I just had a milestone birthday so I have been pretty reflective.
What does it mean to turn 50?

Turning 50 means that it’s official, at least half of my life is over. I have climbed up the mountain and now it’s time for the descent.

The hard work is over

It’s time to coast



Not really… not for me. Yet, a part of me believes this to be true, it’s a belief that I hold somewhere. I wrestle with it because I don’t actually agree with this. I don’t feel this in my bones.  

What I feel in my bones is that it’s just beginning.

Today is the beginning.

I am about to climb the mountain…’s all in front of me.

50 things about me ...

  1. Fave color is red

  2. First time I kissed a girl was 8 years ago with Dragon

  3. First time I kissed a boy I was 13 ish I think

  4. I love to swim, I love water but don’t like being cold 

  5. One of my best friends died suddenly in an accident when we were 12

  6. Gardening is the bomb - healing, fun, creative and restoring

  7. I believe in God

  8. When I was a child I wanted to be a writer when I grew up

  9. I haven’t traveled on a plane in almost 10 years

  10. I am divorced and leaving my ex husband is the best thing I ever did

  11. When I was a teenager I believed I would have children (I was wrong)

  12. I have never lived outside of Montreal

  13. I was an early childhood educator in a number of settings for 20 + years

  14. My fave show (right now) is The Handmaid’s Tale

  15. Fave season is summer and I love the sounds of crickets and cicadas

  16. I hate winter

  17. I have always liked fitness and right now am enjoying weight training and yoga

  18. I love jewellery - especially gold! But silver too! And fake stuff too.

  19. High school was very problematic for me

  20. I never had a pet growing up but Lord knows I wanted one!

  21. I have had 7 animals in my adult life (3 cats and 4 dogs) 

  22. I moved out of my parents house when I was 20 and started having pets right away!

  23. I have had the same best friend since early childhood

  24. I love nature

  25. I love my wife in a way that is deeper, better and richer than I have ever loved anyone

  26. We have one dog now and she is almost 18 years old!

  27. I love to wake up really early! Mornings are my time (spiritual, energized and productive)

  28. I meditate and pray

  29. I am a good listener and am really curious about people

  30. I love to learn

  31. I have trouble learning from video tutorials and manuals and prefer learning from people

  32. My father died over 8 years ago

  33. My eldest sister died 3 years ago

  34. I fell in love with Dragon and “came out” not long after my father died. Apparently that’s a thing.

  35. I was in therapy for a loooooonnnngggggg time! 

  36. I believe in the power of prayer, thought and a rich inner life

  37. I miss living in a house and aspire to live in a house again someday. I enjoy domesticity.

  38. I currently live in the same apartment I grew up in

  39. I love singing and used to sing in a choir and a band

  40. I love art, reading and music (ok that’s three things oops)

  41. I have a strong work ethic

  42. I can be lazy

  43. I love to take baths (epsom salts and essential oils are life)

  44. I prefer a hot bath / shower - like way too hot for Dragon

  45. I have a history of co dependent, abusive relationships 

  46. I am no longer in an abusive, co dependent relationship 

  47. I love Matisse

  48. I love fun things (clothes, music, people and animals)

  49. My other sister cut me off suddenly and hasn’t spoken to me since 2011

  50. I say a robust thank you to life / God every single day 

So there you go!

Can you tell I don’t feel like it’s quite over yet? I’m still pretty hopped up on life and all it has to offer. 

I am so ready for the next 50!

Bring it!

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